GCS - Customs & Logistic Services


Designed and based on providing our clients everything from occasional customs solutions to comprehensive point-to-point solutions between Europe and United Kingdom.


Our Network is our strength, which will provide the added value your company needs in its business relationships with the UNITED KINGDOM.


An undeniably necessary quality for all members that form GCS

A Project BY and FOR the Client


GCS arose in 2020 from the project that started with the announcement of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union on 01/01/2021.

The new logistics and customs situations that all organisations with business relationships involving the transport of goods to or from the UK will encounter from that date made us think about creating a specific solution for this EU/UK traffic for all these organisations, and that solution is called GCS.

The GCS team starts with the desire that qualities such as dynamism, professionalism, and client-oriented service become the day-to-day guidelines for determining the company’s course and future.

GCS hopes that the customs and logistics transactions with the United Kingdom do not become a formalism that limits the business and logistics expansion of any of our clients.

All members that are part of the GCS network are organisations that, due to their acknowledged experience and knowledge of the Customs and Logistics sector, provide the rigour and level of service quality that client expects to receive.

GCS aims to become the brand that represents qualities such as professionalism, quality, reactivity, modernity and future for our clients, and all thanks to the standards that GCS has established as essential, with which the members of our network of collaborators must comply.


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# 12Jan
# 2Jan
Our collaborator of the GCS Network opens an office in the Port of Santander

The offices are located in the Port of Santander Avda. De Sotileza nº. 5 - 39009 Santander Phone (+34) 950 500 241

# 28Dec
TASSA, collaborator of the GCS Network, opens new offices in Zaragoza

TASSA, collaborator of the GCS Network, opens new offices in Zaragoza