At GCS we are ready to give you the necessary customs and logistics solutions so your company continues operating, almost with the same normality that it has had to date, with all those British organisations you currently work with or that you plan to start a business relationship with, without the new legislation in force from 01/01/2021 being an impediment for your company.

GCS has been incorporated for the purpose of providing our clients with the necessary customs and logistics solutions to functionally and organisationally facilitate work with the United Kingdom from 01/01/2021.

GCS comprises well-known organisations from the customs and logistics sector, with consolidated implementation in Spanish and French territory, and recognised and accredited experience in the sector.

GCS can provide you with customs and logistics solutions between the EU and the United Kingdom, services such as Import/Export/Transit/Shipping services/Completion of Transit services, presentation of the logistics envelope, etc.

From the United Kingdom to the EU, you can also count on GCS to help you carry out the Import/Export customs services thanks to our representation in United Kingdom, an authorised customs agent established at the main customs points of the United Kingdom.